Is Print Dead? I was watching the origin

Is Print Dead?
I was watching the original Ghostbusters movie in spirit of the Halloween season.
I can’t take any movies scarier than this. Anyway…in the middle of film, I had heard something that was even scarier than the movie itself. Dr. Egon declared to the secretary as he was fixing the front desk computer “Print is dead.” It came to me as a shock that I had to pause the movie…rewind… and replay the part. I thought to myself, just maybe he really stated “Printer’s dead” even though I didn’t see a printer …after the short moment of rewind, replay, and tuning in with the volume slightly higher than before…, he really did state “Print is dead.” At this point, I grabbed the case to go find the date. To my surprise, this movie is from 1984. And here we are today…presses are still running.
This made me wonder if there were any other movies earlier than this stating the death to printing. I went to my handy Tablet. To my dismay, I did not find any. Maybe I wasn’t placing the words correctly in the search engine to get more distinguished results. However, I did find a recent article from Forbes stating print isn’t dead. Take that Dr. Egon!
I have found that print still maintains its stance as a powerful and necessary component of ad campaigns because of its tangibility and credibility. It helps businesses build brands; target markets, and engages more customers. The best part is that a business can stand out even better today seeing that there is less print ads. How about that kind of marketing advantage! Companies moving to the Internet only may just be hurting themselves. Finding the right balance between print and electronics is important in increasing sales and maintaining customers. Why not even use a technology based item such as a QR code to bridge the gap between print and web.
To those who think “Print is dead,” you’re denying yourself the advantage of using as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target market.


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