Postcard Marketing Ideas for Business By

Postcard Marketing Ideas for Business
By Trevor Dumbleton

Using postcards for your marketing can be very effective. Postcards have a number of advantages: they’re relatively cheap (usually less than pay per click adverts), there’s no envelope to open, done well they can be highly effective. You can use these ideas for postcard marketing to help increase your business sales.
Bright and cheerful design
Historically, postcards were sent from holiday destinations to prove that you’d gone somewhere different.
The basic design has been the same for years: a color image on one side, plain (usually handwritten) text on the other side.
The closer you can get to that, the more like a real postcard your advert will seem.
The front (color) side of your postcard can be an image: your printer will almost certainly have a range of stock designs that you can choose from and, for most businesses, that’s all that’s needed.
Because postcards aren’t used very often nowadays, it’s unlikely that your customers – or potential customers – will have seen that design recently.
Next, you need to add in an attention grabbing headline. It should be a headline, not an essay. Think of something similar to the “wish you were here” headlines of old. Or the sarcastic ones that are all black with just the words “XYZ town at night”. Short and to the point works nicely.
Nowadays I’d also add in a web address and a phone number on the front of the card, normally near the bottom edge.
Simple reverse side
Simplicity really is the secret to postcards.
If your printer can mail merge with a handwriting font, so much the better. Printed in an ink color that mimics a ball point pen it can be hard to determine whether it’s been mass mailed or individually written.
Of course, if your target market is small, you may decide it’s worth actually hand writing your postcards but your handwriting would need to be more readable than mine!
Keep the reverse side of the card fairly short and don’t be afraid to be liberal with white space. Sure, there’s limited space on a postcard but this is one of those instances where long copy isn’t a luxury that you can avail yourself of.
That said, there have also been excellent results where long-ish copy has been used and a small type face. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
Do a series of mailings
The cost of a postcard – even taking into account renting a mailing list – is often cheaper than paying Google every time someone clicks through to your website.
So don’t be afraid to do a series of mailings – you could just vary the headline on each one or you could get more complicated. Testing will show you what works best for your business.
Or you could use postcards to announce special events such as seasonal sales or other offers.
Short runs of postcards can give you a quick flavor of the potential results without breaking the bank.
I’d strongly recommend that you include them in your marketing mix!


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